Manningham / Moronga

by AF

Manningham, Melbourne
Expressions of Interest

“Manningham” is a Victorian-style home built in the 1870s. There is very little information on this home, but archived records show a home fitting this description at the same address called “Moronga” so it is possible that the name was changed somewhere along the line. The name Moronga was in use until at least the early 1940s.

The house was occupied in 1896 by Lieutenant F. Tickell, who was born in China in 1857. Around 1896 it was occupied by a Lieutenant Frederick Tickell who became commandant of the Victorian Naval Forces until 1904. He would have only resided in the home briefly as he soon set force with two hundred men for Hong Kong to assist Britain in putting down the Boxer Rebellion.

By 1906 it was advertised for sale by auction with the following advertisement placed in the local newspaper:


“containing large and lofty drawingroom, and diningroom with folding doors. These rooms are exceptionally fine, and handsomely fitted with Australian blackwood panelling on walls and ceilings, and heavy doors of same wood. The floors are laid in picked kauri for dancing. There is a flat roof on the two-story part of the house, from which a magnificent view is obtained of the surrounding country.” – The Argus, 28 July 1906.

It may have been purchased by William and Catherine Dunkerley who lived there until 1938, when it was sold to Councillor Herbert Hewitt.

The house is now for sale by expressions of interest with offers due by September 18. The seller has $5 million-plus hopes.


61 Walpole Street, Kew, Melbourne, Australia

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