Baddow House, Maryborough

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Baddow House, Maryborough

Maryborough’s finest heritage home was listed for sale a few months ago. Baddow House was built in 1883 for Edgar Thomas Aldridge – a founding father of Maryborough. The architect was Mr. Willoughby Powell.

The imposing 2-storey Victorian Georgian-style villa was built overlooking the Mary River. This is the second home to be built on the site. When Mr. Aldridge arrived in the area in 1848, he settled near the township and named the area ‘Baddow’ after his home in England. His first home was a bark and shingle hut, but was later able to build his dream home.

Mr. Aldridge’s first home on the property in a photo dating from 1870. State Library of Queensland.

Baddow House in 1883. State Library of Queensland.

Mr. Aldridge passed away in 1888, but the home remained in the family until the bank foreclosed on the property in 1912. Esse Aldridge, the daughter of the Aldridge’s heir and his Aboriginal wife, was said to be so devastated at leaving the house that she wiped her tears on the walls, and her presence is said to haunt the building’s great cedar staircase.

The home was sold to Mr. Hugh Biddles, a former pearler from Broome. The Biddles lived in the house until the start of WWII, after which it entered a long period of abuse and neglect. The original decorative ironwork used on the verandahs was removed and melted down for the war effort in the 1940s.

Baddow House in without its original balconies in 1950. State Library of Queensland.

It was sold in the 1950s with plans to use it as a migrant holding center, but these plans never eventuated. In the 1960s, the house saw a revival and was used as a reception center for weddings and functions.

The current owners bought Baddow in 2003 for $330,000. They completely restored the home, returning it to its original grandeur. The restoration project inspired the owner/author to write a book on the house’s history, ruin and eventual recovery titled “A Grand Passion.”

The house has rendered triple brick interior and exterior walls. The floors are crows ash and hoop pine, and joinery (doors, panelling, architraves and the original staircase) is red cedar. The home has six fireplaces, six bedrooms, a library, office, country kitchen, formal dining and a separate studio in the garden. The house has a total area of 896 sqm under roof and is on 2 acres of landscaped gardens.

The asking price was earlier reported to be $1.75 million, but is now advertised through a different agent at an undisclosed price.

*Update: The house now appears to be off market.


366 Queen Street, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Maryborough is a 3 hr drive north of Brisbane and a 2 hr drive north of Noosa

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