Juniper Hall sells at auction

by AF

Juniper Hall in Paddington, Sydney, sold at auction today for $4.551 million to Peter Moran. The Moran family reside in the sprawling 130-year old Swift mansion in Darling Point, which has 56 rooms and was last valued at $60 million. Peter’s mother is said to have been related to the wife of Mr. Robert Cooper, who built Juniper Hall in 1824. He has plans to turn the ground floor into a public gallery, while the upper level will be used as a private residence. 

The National Trust appear to be delighted that the buyer has a passion for heritage and experience in restoring old homes, having restored several of their private residences in the past.

It is nice to see the property go to a ‘collector’ who can restore and maintain the property and keep it open for the public’s benefit.

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Source: The Wentworth Courier, September 25, 2012.
Image via the National Trust.