One of Brisbane’s oldest houses for sale

by AF

Eskgrove, East Brisbane

At almost 160 years old, Eskgrove is one of Brisbane’s oldest houses. The modest sandstone house was built for former Sydney bank manager Archibald Hepburn Hutchinson. Mr. Hutchinson purchased the land in 1853 from James Charles Burnett, surveyor and explorer, and built the house in the same year. At the time of completion, it was one of only three river estates along this section of the Brisbane River.

Mr. Hutchinson died at Eskgrove the year following its completion. His wife and children returned to Sydney shortly after and the house was rented out. During the late 1800s it had several prominent tenants including Brisbane Portmaster George Poynter Heath, who later went on to build more spacious digs at Hanworth, just 100 meters south of Eskgrove.

In 1880, Chief Engineer of Harbours and Rivers, William David Nesbet, purchased the house and the entire estate for 2,000 pounds. He later sold it to NJ Howes and AS Leslie in 1885. Some of the land was then subdivided and the house on smaller 1.2 hectare block  was sold to Thomas Scanlan. The streets either side of the house (Eskgrove and Scanlan Streets) were named after the house and Mr. Scanlan.

From 1910 to 1966 the home was owned by the Tritton family. After 1966 it was used and flats and even a nursing home called Grey Eagles, which must have been small given the home has just three bedrooms. The home has been used as a private residence since 1975. Despite its long history, the home remains remarkably intact (not withstanding some damage from neglect over the years), with the only alterations being an extended verandah at the rear with laundry and bathrooms.

The original estate was 5 hectares, but after various subdividing over the years, it is now 1,174 sqm.

The house has also been named Eskgrove Cottage, Scanland Estate and Grey Eagles. It is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.


The house was listed in early 2012 and sold in December 2012 for $1.07 million. The house last traded for $1 million in 2010.


56 Laidlaw Parade, East Brisbane, Queensland


Listing information via

Queensland Heritage Register, Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)