Former Baptist Church in Ballarat

by AF

Former Baptist Church, Ballarat
$800,000 + GST

An old Baptist Church in central Ballarat is for sale. The classical Roman revival style church was designed by architect J. A. Doane and said to be one of his most important works. Construction began in 1866 and it was finally completed sometime between 1875 – 1879, making it over 133 years old. It features bluestone side walls which have not been rendered.

The building, with its Corinthian Roman portico, bears some resemblance to the Collins Street Baptist Church in Melbourne. In recent decades it was converted into a club/restaurant called the ‘White House’ and has also operated as Dawson’s Club and Bar.

Unfortunately there are no interior photos to show its current condition, although the original church pews and platform have been removed and a mezzanine floor added. The exterior, however, remains largely intact.

The property is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

For Sale

The 664 sqm building and 858 sqm block of land is listed for sale at $800,000 + GST (tax). The property has been on the market for at least one year.


3 Dawson Street South, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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