Ivanhoe East’s Rangeworthy

by AF

Rangeworthy, Melbourne
Expression of Interest

Rangeworthy was built in 1910 for Thomas James. The transitional Victorian / Edwardian red brick residence was built on Lot 17 of the Rangeworthy Estate – an area subdivided in 1901 by Councillor and timber merchant William J. Brewer.

The total estate covered 70 acres and had 107 allotments priced from 25 ~ 40 shillings per foot. Strict building codes were enforced, such as requiring houses to be built to a cost of at least 350 pounds, in order prevent any ‘small cheap tenements’ from appearing. 

The home, and the subdivision, was named after the original Rangeworthy homestead which was located across the street.

According to RP Data, residents in Ivanhoe East hold on to their properties for an average of 16 years, making it the most tightly held residential market in Australia. The median house price in the March 2012 quarter was $1,075,000.

The Rangeworthy Estate in 1940. The Rangeworthy home is visible in the bottom right.

For Sale

The sellers of the 5-bedroom house are seeking offers under an expression of interest campaign which closes on December 10.


39 York Avenue, Ivanhoe East, Melbourne, Victoria

  • 15 min drive to Melbourne CBD

Listing information and images from Realestate.com.au