Carramar Clinic

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Carramar Clinic, Adelaide

SA Health are selling the Carramar Clinic in Parkside, Adelaide. The former Federation home / medical clinic is one of the few remaining grand residences that lined Greenhill Road.

Dating from the 1910s, it was formerly known as St Margaret’s and occupied by James Hay Gosse and his family. Mr. Gosse was the managing director of G&R Wills and Co and was on the board of the Adelaide Steamship Company. He was knighted in 1947.

The Gosse family lived in home until the 1950s when it was converted to a hospital, and later a mental health clinic.

This is a state heritage listed property.

A view of the house from the grounds of Miss P.O. Crompton’s house (now demolished) on the Eastern side in 1969.

For Sale

Carramar has been listed for sale since the beginning of 2012.

The property, being a commercial listing, is being marketed as having redevelopment potential although future buyers will have to comply with heritage controls.

Liberal MP David Pisoni mentioned his concerns about the sale of the historic property in a media release in February.


179 Greenhill Road, Parkside, Adelaide, South Australia

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