126-yr old Warriston Terrace House

by AF

Warriston, Brisbane

Built in 1886, Warriston is a pair of two timber semi-detached houses with a common-roof.

The semi-detached homes were built for Brisbane alderman and former proprietor of the Glasgow Boot & Shoe Mart in Queen Street, David Pringle Milne. Mr. Milne purchased two adjoining blocks of land in 1866 and 1874 in the Bishop’s Hill and Petrie Terrace subdivision.

The Bishop’s Hill & Petrie Terrace subdivision in 1883.

The Milne’s lived in a smaller cottage at the rear of the site, now thought to be the kitchens. Once the terraced houses were completed, the Milne family resided in No. 2 (the northern house closest to the corner of Earl Street and Musgrave Road) until Mr. Milne’s death in 1897. The other half (No. 1) was let out to various tenants, including stockbrokers and surveyors. It was a private school in the 1890s.

The two houses became a boarding house from the 1910s. In the mid-1900s it was converted into 12 flats called ‘Berley Flats’. The verandahs were enclosed and the exterior was covered with asbestos-cement and stucco.

In the 1980s it was carefully restored and converted into two offices. Through paint analysis, the home was repainted to its original colors.

The property is state heritage listed and remains one of Brisbane’s few surviving 19th century semi-detached homes. Its timber construction makes it an even rarer example.

For Sale

No. 2 on the eastern-side is currently for sale, although it would appear from the description above that this was originally referred to as No. 1, with the Milne family living in the adjacent house closer to Earl Street.


2/6 Musgrave Road (via 27 James St), Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland

Property information and images via Realestate.com.au

Queensland Heritage Register