Dungowan Flats Auction

by AF

Apartment 17, Dungowan Flats, Manly

A 2-bedroom flat in the historic ‘Dungowan’ on Manly Beach will be put up for auction in early December. *Update: The apartment has been sold.

Dungowan Flats was built in 1919 by pastoralist and company director Leslie Sprague. He named the building after his rural property ‘Dungowan Station’ near Tamworth. 

The inter-war Free Classical style building was designed by architects Ross and Rowe. It was originally four stories and included a cafe, restaurant and an adjoining ballroom, and was once the largest building in Manly.

A pressing need to renovate the aging building led to a bitter feud between residents and a costly legal battle in 2010. The renovations did go ahead, and several new penthouse units were added to the rooftop.


Apartment 17 will go to auction on December 13.

*Update: The apartment has been sold.


7 South Steyne, Manly, Sydney

Listing information and images via Realestate.com.au

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