Mount Airlie Estate

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Mount Airlie NSW 10

Mount Airlie, NSW

Mount Airlie is a grand Victorian residence dating from 1868.

It was the home of pioneer David Warden, who had arrived in Sydney from Scotland in 1837 and shortly after moved to Ulladulla to begin shipbuilding.  Mr. Warden was a prominent businessman and citizen and served as Shoalhaven Council Mayor between 1874 and 1877.

As farming was almost nonexistent in the district, Mr. Warden would purchase land from the Government and lease it out to encourage colonists to settle in the area. In 1846 he purchased this estate, originally 1020 hectares, for 640 pounds. Several years later he engaged the services of local stonemason James Poole to erect the 2-storey brick stuccoed house. The house was designed by Mr. Mayes of Sydney and construction was estimated to cost between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. Over the hall door above the verandah is an ‘Anno Domini Stone’ carved by Mr. Warden himself.

Original features include cedar joinery, marble fireplaces and built-in wardrobes. It originally had a shingle roof, but this was later replaced with corrugated iron.

Upon Mr. Warden’s death in 1885, the estate was divided amongst his four eldest sons. It later appears to have been occupied by his fourth son, Arthur Airlie Warden, and then passed onto his son Airlie Warden in the early 1900s.

The house was abandoned for some time in the 1900s, but has since been renovated and most recently operated as a horse and cattle stud.

Mount Airlie as depicted in ‘Sketches in the Ulladulla District, Town and Country Journal, January 20, 1885’.

For Sale

The 6-bedroom house and 24 hectare estate was initially scheduled to be put up for auction on February 9, 2013 with $1 million-plus expectations, but according to commenter Ray Manta (I hope that’s not your real name), the auction was cancelled and the property listing appears to have disappeared. We’ll have to wait and see if the house resurfaces. Update: A new auction date has been set for May 4.


34A Woodstock Road, Milton, New South Wales

Listing information and images via

“Two of our most unique properties put on the market” Milton Ulladulla Times, December 12, 2012.