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An apartment in Engehurst

Apartment 8, Engehurst, Paddington

This ground floor apartment is part of the remnants of the original Engehurst residence in Paddington, Sydney. Engehurst was a Georgian house built in 1834-1835 for Frederick Augustus Hely. Mr. Hely was the principal superintendent of convicts and used convict labour to built his home.

The house, which was accessed via a long driveway from Glenmore Road, was designed by popular architect John Verge, who designed many other grand residences in and around Sydney in the 1830s and 1840s. Read the rest of this entry »



Broadlees, Adelaide Hills
Sold for $2.85 million

Broadlees is a grand 2-storey home located in the Adelaide Hills. The Georgian-style residence with Italian Renaissance influences was designed by architect Walter Bagot and built as the residence of of Eva and Lily Waite.

Eva and Lily were daughters of Peter Waite – the first chairman of Elder, Smith and Co (now agribusiness company Elders). The Waite family previously resided at Urrbrae House (c1891) until Peter’s death in 1922. The sisters donated the house to the University of Adelaide and built Broadlees. Many homes built in the Mount Lofty area at the time were used as summer residences, but the sisters decided to live there all year round. Read the rest of this entry »

Historic Rainham on the market

Rainham, Bathurst
*Update: Sold at auction for $500,000

Rainham, just outside of Bathurst, has just been listed for sale for the first time in 157 years.

The 2-storey Colonial Georgian home was built for Captain Thomas Raine in 1832, making it 180 years old. Captain Raine’s son went on to co-found the Raine & Horne real estate agency, and coincidentally the same agency has the current listing. Read the rest of this entry »

100 year old apartment building

Craigleith Flats, Potts Point
Auction SOLD

Built in 1912, Craigleith Flats is one of the oldest multistory buildings in Potts Point. The Georgian Style property with seven apartments is up for auction next month.

Although there is very little information on the original architects, in 1934-35 some alterations were carried out by architects Eric Clark Pitt and Charles Clarence Phillips. Pitt and Phillips were responsible for the Macleay-Regis Apartments just around the corner. Read the rest of this entry »

Juniper Hall sells at auction

Juniper Hall in Paddington, Sydney, sold at auction today for $4.551 million to Peter Moran. The Moran family reside in the sprawling 130-year old Swift mansion in Darling Point, which has 56 rooms and was last valued at $60 million. Peter’s mother is said to have been related to the wife of Mr. Robert Cooper, who built Juniper Hall in 1824. He has plans to turn the ground floor into a public gallery, while the upper level will be used as a private residence.  Read the rest of this entry »

Islay House

Islay House, Woodend
Sold for $550,000+

Islay House is one of the most recognized properties in Woodend. It sold in excess of its $550,000 reserve at an auction held recently by the mortgagee-in-possessions, the National Australia Bank.

The initial asking price in early 2012 was $694,000, but it failed to sell at auction. The house was owned by journalist advocate Tess Lawrence, but was foreclosed on after Lawrence was reported to owe the National Australia Bank over $3 million in unpaid mortgages across five properties. Lawrence fought the bank’s foreclosure earlier this year and spray-painted the house in protest which delayed the first auction attempt. Read the rest of this entry »

Baddow House, Maryborough

Baddow House, Maryborough

Maryborough’s finest heritage home was listed for sale a few months ago. Baddow House was built in 1883 for Edgar Thomas Aldridge – a founding father of Maryborough. The architect was Mr. Willoughby Powell.

The imposing 2-storey Victorian Georgian-style villa was built overlooking the Mary River. This is the second home to be built on the site. When Mr. Aldridge arrived in the area in 1848, he settled near the township and named the area ‘Baddow’ after his home in England. His first home was a bark and shingle hut, but was later able to build his dream home. Read the rest of this entry »

Georgian manor outside Adelaide

The Valleys Estate
$1,800,000 ~ $1,960,000

“The Valleys” is a Georgian manor estate on 36 hectares just east of Adelaide. The two storey stone mansion was built in 1844 for Matthew Smillie.  Mr. Smillie was a legal prosecutor who arrived in 1839 aboard the Indus from Edinburgh, Scotland. He had a grant of 4,000 acres, and donated part of the land to start the town of Nairne, named after his wife Elizabeth’s maiden name. He was not a farmer himself, so he decided to lease tracts of land to farmers. Read the rest of this entry »

Juniper Hall – Australia’s oldest mansion up for auction

The National Trust are putting Juniper Hall up for auction in September. At just over 187 years old, the Sydney property is believed to be the oldest surviving mansion dating back to the days of Governor Macquarie, and is a reluctant sale by the Trust.

*Update: The house sold at auction for $4.551 million. Read more here.

The 2-storey Georgian house is one of Paddington’s finest early mansions. Robert Cooper, an emancipist (a convict who had been given conditional or absolute pardon) and owner of one of the colony’s first gin distilleries, built the house in 1824 – 1825 for his wife Sarah, promising her the “finest house in Sydney.” Cooper, along with two other partners had received a grant of 100 acres from Governor Brisbane in 1818 and had an agreement to build a distillery and three mansions there. Cooper was the only one to build a mansion and eventually bought out his partners. Its original name was Juniper Hall, but was later renamed Ormond House to distance itself from its gin image. Read the rest of this entry »