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Sydney’s Bishopscourt to sell for $25m plus

Bishopscourt, Sydney
$25 million +

The finest Gothic Revival house in New South Wales may finally be put up for sale. Bishopscourt has been the home of Sydney’s Anglican Archibishops since 1911, but its history extends back to the 1840s when it was a grand gentleman’s residence.

The sandstone mansion was originally a smaller 2-storey cottage called Percyville built in 1841 by ironmonger Thomas Woolley. In 1845, businessman Thomas Sutcliffe Mort leased the land and purchased the cottage and 2.8 hectare estate the following year for 2,500 pounds. Mr. Mort was a pioneer of weekly wool auctions and the refrigeration of food. He was also one of the founders of the AMP Society.

Mort, along with architect J.F. Hilly, transformed the cottage into a gentleman’s residence in 1846 and named it Greenoaks. Later additions were made by Edmund Blacket in 1859 and Professor Leslie Wilkinson in 1935. Read the rest of this entry »


Gladswood House in Double Bay

Apartment 2, Gladswood House

Gladswood House is a 2-storey sandstone manor that has been converted into seven luxury apartments (four in the original house and three in the waterfront addition).

In 1856, merchant Edwin Thomas Beilby purchased a 99 year leasehold on the land from owner Daniel Cooper. Beilby sold the lease two years later to merchant, pastoralist and politician Samuel Deane Gordon for 800 pounds.

Gordon had architect William Munro design the home in a picturesque Gothic style that was favored on the Sydney foreshore. The house, which was originally called ‘Glenyarrah’ was ready to move into by 1864. Roman numerals for 1857 are carved into the stone lintel above the entrance. This date, however, is thought to refer to the date of the original lease to the land. Read the rest of this entry »

Corio Villa hits the market for first time in 67 years

Image from the National Trust

Corio Villa, Geelong
$5,850,000 SOLD

Corio Villa in Geelong has been listed for sale for the first time in 67 years. What makes this picturesque gothic style house unique is that it is a prefab home that was created in Scotland and shipped to Australia. It is the first pre-fabricated cast iron house in the country.

Prefabricated houses and commercial buildings were often imported from Britain in the 1850s to fulfill housing demand during the era of the gold rush. California, too, was also a large importer of these structures.

Sometime between 1851 and 1854, Geelong’s Commissioner of Crown Lands, William Nairn Gray, ordered the house from the foundry in Edinburgh. It was manufactured by Charles D Young and Co. from designs by Neil and Miller, architects and engineers. Shortly after the flat-pack house was shipped to Australia, the factory burnt down and all moulds were destroyed in the fire, making this home unique in Australia and possibly the world. Read the rest of this entry »