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126-yr old Warriston Terrace House

Warriston, Brisbane

Built in 1886, Warriston is a pair of two timber semi-detached houses with a common-roof.

The semi-detached homes were built for Brisbane alderman and former proprietor of the Glasgow Boot & Shoe Mart in Queen Street, David Pringle Milne. Mr. Milne purchased two adjoining blocks of land in 1866 and 1874 in the Bishop’s Hill and Petrie Terrace subdivision. Read the rest of this entry »


Another apartment in Craigston for sale

2A Craigston, Brisbane
For Sale by Tender

Another 3-bedroom apartment in the Spanish Mission-style Craigston (c1928) is on the market. The apartment is directly above the one listed a few months ago, which now appears to be under contract.

Due to changing tastes and styles over the past eight decades, each apartment is unique. Luckily this one retains most of its original features, including its crown molding, windows, doors and brick fireplace.

This apartment is for sale by tender, with offers due by November 22. Read the rest of this entry »

One of Brisbane’s oldest houses for sale

Eskgrove, East Brisbane

At almost 160 years old, Eskgrove is one of Brisbane’s oldest houses. The modest sandstone house was built for former Sydney bank manager Archibald Hepburn Hutchinson. Mr. Hutchinson purchased the land in 1853 from James Charles Burnett, surveyor and explorer, and built the house in the same year. At the time of completion, it was one of only three river estates along this section of the Brisbane River.

Mr. Hutchinson died at Eskgrove the year following its completion. His wife and children returned to Sydney shortly after and the house was rented out. During the late 1800s it had several prominent tenants including Brisbane Portmaster George Poynter Heath, who later went on to build more spacious digs at Hanworth, just 100 meters south of Eskgrove. Read the rest of this entry »

Maleny mountain retreat

Kunda / Rowan House, Mount Mellum

Kunda House (aka Rowan House) is a 1940s hillside chalet just outside of Maleny on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It was designed by Brisbane architect John Gerard (Gerry) Trude and built in 1939 for Jim and Iris Kerr and their family.

Many of the original features of the home remain intact, including the stone fireplace built from local rubble stone. Other original details include walls and some ceilings finished in clear lacquered Queensland timber and the original tennis court which the Kerr’s often opened to the public. Read the rest of this entry »

Historic Clancholla passed in at auction

At least 100 people attended the auction of the historic Clancholla home (c1922) this morning. Unfortunately there were no bidders and the property was passed in with a final vendor bid of $1.15 million.

*Update: The property sold after auction for $1,000,000.

Read more about Clancholla here, or scroll down for more images. Read the rest of this entry »

Site of former Brynhyfryd Mansion for sale

1 High Street, Blackstone
For Sale

This is not a historic home as the house has since been demolished, but is a historic site nonetheless.

‘Brynhyfryd’ was a grand Italianate-style mansion built in 1889-1890 for Welshman Lewis Thomas, a coal mining pioneer. Along with Mr. J. Thompson, Mr. Thomas started his own coal mine in Blackstone in 1886. Its success made Mr. Thomas a very wealthy man, and he was able to construct his mansion at a cost of 13,000 pounds.

The 3-storey home had 49 rooms, a basement and a tower. The ground floor contained servants quarters, kitchen, dairy room, bathrooms (with an inside toilet) and dining rooms. The second floor had a large library, music room and guest quarters, while the third floor contained family bedrooms and private rooms. Read the rest of this entry »

Baddow House, Maryborough

Baddow House, Maryborough

Maryborough’s finest heritage home was listed for sale a few months ago. Baddow House was built in 1883 for Edgar Thomas Aldridge – a founding father of Maryborough. The architect was Mr. Willoughby Powell.

The imposing 2-storey Victorian Georgian-style villa was built overlooking the Mary River. This is the second home to be built on the site. When Mr. Aldridge arrived in the area in 1848, he settled near the township and named the area ‘Baddow’ after his home in England. His first home was a bark and shingle hut, but was later able to build his dream home. Read the rest of this entry »

Milton’s Cook Terraces

No. 4 and No. 5 Cook Terraces, Brisbane
$1.79 & $1.9 million

There are currently two adjoining offices in the Cook Terraces listed for sale. This could present an opportunity to purchase both and combine them into one large office or residence.

The Cook Terraces were built in 1888 – 1889 by Joseph Blain Cook as an investment property to rent out to wealthy tenants. Cook acquired the land in 1888 from squatter John Frederick MacDougall and raised a mortgage of 6,000 pounds to finance construction.

They were originally built as rental-only terrace homes as the Queensland Undue Subdivision of Land Prevention Act of 1885 prohibited the granting of titles to individual terrace houses. The six 2-storey brick terrace houses with attics and sub floors were all designed with identical floor plans. Each house has two double chimneys and a detached two-storey timber service wing accessed from the rear verandah. Read the rest of this entry »

An apartment in General MacArthur’s Brisbane headquarters

MacArthur Chambers, Brisbane

MacArthur Chambers was originally the Queensland headquarters for the Australian Mutual Provident Society (or AMP Society) that was converted to luxury apartments just over 10 years ago. During WWII, General Douglas MacArthur set up his headquarters in the building.

The original AMP Society Building

The first AMP Building on this site was completed in 1885 and demolished in 1930 to make way for the current building. The original building was considered one of the most imposing and picturesque in the State, and there was some regret when it was demolished in the name of redevelopment. Read the rest of this entry »

Clancholla on the market for the first time in history

Clancholla, Rockhampton

*Update: The house did not sell at auction, but was reported to be under contract in December 2012 and has since sold.

‘Clancholla’ is a Federation-era residence built in the Queen Anne style. It was constructed in 1922 by fighter pilot and grazier Stuart Roland MacDonald. The MacDonald’s lived next door in a large mansion that is now the offices for the mater Hospital, and were also graziers at Highland Plains in Clermont. Mrs. MacDonald wanted a smaller, more suitable home, so plans were drawn up for Clancholla.

The 4-bedroom home was put up for sale by the MacDonald family earlier this month with an auction scheduled for Saturday, October 6th. Read the rest of this entry »