Grand Glebe Point Road Mansion

by AF

Hartford, Glebe

‘Hartford’ is a rare and largely intact example of a Queen Anne Federation home in Glebe, Sydney.

The home was built for American-born dentist E. Randolph Magnus in 1898.  The home, with Scottish Baronial elements, is also said to have an American influence, which is apt given the background of its first owner.

It was one of the first homes to be built on the subdivided Toxteth Estate, owned by George Allen. Mr. Allen was a devout Wesleyan and decreed in his will that only private homes of brick or stone could be built on the future subdivision of his estate. He also prevented alcohol being brought onto the estate by banning commercial hotel or inn development. These covenants appealed to the upper classes and it soon became a prestige enclave.

Hartford, was one of the early grand homes that showcased the estate’s turning point into a high-end residential area.


The house was initially listed for sale by expressions of interest with hopes of around $4.5 million, but the price was later reduced to $4.15 million. The house last traded for $3.24 million in 2006.


244 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney

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